Best ASA Softball Bats for Slowpitch and Fastpitch 2017

Every year, ASA or Amateur softball association of America approves some softball bats for both fastpitch and slow-pitch. The approved bats become the best seller in the market and can be used in all ASA match while the bats not approved aren’t allowed.

The ASA softball bats which are checked to play within the certain limit have certification labels and so consumers can recognize them when shopping. The maximum value makes sure the player’s safety on the field. In this article, we introduce the top four ASA softball bat brands to consider when you want to own a high-quality bat.


One of the most reliable softball bat brands is DeMarini. Yearly, the manufacturer releases a variety of softball bats with many options approved by ASA.

The brand is also popular for constantly new ideas of producing bats and often introducing many advanced technologies that other companies are fast to agree.

Similarly, yearly the manufacturer offers the flagship softball bats that are recognized as the best bats and include new technologies to improve. If you are looking for a high-quality bat, you can consider softball bats of DeMarini.


This brand is another popular name in the top baseball bat manufacturer list. They have a 50-year history and are well-known for releasing valuable softball bats.

Yearly, the company produces a huge number of softball bats. The highlight is that they provide some models for the best players as the official representative. Thus, you can find a lot of professional softball players using Easton products every year.

The crucial things for the best ASA softball bats of Easton are that they keep the cutting edge innovative and add the new technology to the production of their bats every year. Another great factor is that they offer a variety of price so players can choose various bats from different budget types.


When talking about the moderately recent manufacturer of softball bats, Miken is the famous name. However, their prominent place comes from the persistence on producing high-quality bats in this field.

Every year, you can find some new products of the best softball bats in the market. Although their prices are quite expensive, it’s acceptable since they only offer the complete best products.

The remarkable feature is applying the triple matrix core skill into the production, which removes all seams in the barrels and increases the best striking ability of the barrels.


This softball bat brand is a Canadian company famous in recent years for their excellent bats. They offer a variety of designs and price ranges every year for both professionals and beginners.

Their fame comes from releasing the valuable alloy-made softball bats. They offer the good pop and remarkable performance but their balance may not as good as the composite bats of other brands. They’re the best options for beginners.

Composite ASA softball bats vs. Alloy ASA softball bats

When considering the right bat, you have to choose either the composite or alloy bat. Each design has differences of materials and constructions.

The alloy units traditionally include the one-piece design, thinner barrel for the better performance, and lower cost.

The composite units are made of carbon fiber, graphite, or a combination of different materials. They are generally designed for professionals to play on the field since they support the best hitting prowess and cost expensive. Their barrels provide the great trampoline effect.

NSA softball bats vs. ASA softball bats

NSA and ASA approve some softball bats every year. Those bats are played in the league games reviewed by the relevant organization.

  • ASA approves bats whose hitting speed isn’t over 98 miles per hour.
  • NSA allows bats whose hitting speed is about 120 miles per hour.

Thus, the hitting ability of NSA bats is larger than that of ASA bats. However, ASA bats are safer in the low hitting speed while NSA designs are less safe to play.

If you’re looking for the best ASA bats 2017, you should consider the approved bat list and then buy the bat that you want to use. Or else, you will buy a bat that is not approved by ASA and allowed to use in ASA matches.


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