Choose the Suitable Slow-pitch Softball Bat for Beginners

When considering shopping slow pitch softball bats, you need to know many important things, such as the grip, weight distribution, weight, length, and bat material. Also that, you should correlate those items to your preferences and build since the slow pitch bats aren’t always the same size fits all.

Here are the details to consider if you’re planning on buying the best softball bats.


The slow pitch softball bat comes generally in two separate materials, metal or composite. There are disadvantages and advantages to each, though many bat producers have transferred many products to using composite bats for the slow pitch. Often, the composite material is likely the preferable option due to their stability, possibility to achieve in cooler conditions and the high technology in the composite.

The bat length

Browsing the slow pitch softballs, mostly bats has the maximum length of 34 inches basing on the league rules. In general that, many slow pitch players don’t worry about the shorter bat unless you’re quite small and weak to swing this bat. If you’re in that case, you should think of decrease the length by choking up on it.

The bat weight

Generally the bat weight sorts from 26 – 30 ounces, but there are always some models that surpass this standard range. The main rule of the weight is that if you can keep a stable swing speed when using both heavy and light bats, the heavier bat offers the fastest batted ball. The best effects are getting faster swinging of a heavier bat, but this statement is something many average players aren’t able to achieve and still keep the bat under the control when swinging it.

The recommendation is that you should use a lighter bat since the swing speed tends to the rule much rather than the bat weight when the higher swing speed is something flexing the bat walls at the ball impact. Thus, that increases the trampoline outcome of the bat wall.

The weight distribution

There are two separate weight distributions, end-loaded or balanced. They can help you feel the heavy or light swing weight of bats. It actually comes down to the spot of the moment-of-inertia and the balance point or the center-of-mass. Basically, the bat weight spread over the bat length and can influence on the swing speed just similar to the diverse entire bat weights. The nearer the balance point of the bat is to the handle; the simpler it’s to control and swing the bat barrel.

Think about two bats that have ideal length and weight of 26 ounces. However, before selecting the one and swinging it, you should obviously make a distinction between both types. The bat including the weight nearer to the handle makes you swing and control easier and more comfortable.

On the other way, the bat having the weight further from its handle will make you control more difficult and likely reduce the bat swing speed due to the larger inertia moment. Remember again that the bat speed makes the primary decision in the slowpitch due to the higher bat speed causes the trampoline outcome of the bat walls while it hits the ball.

For players as the big bruisers, they can both swing the end-loaded bat speedy and well controlling, which is the weight distribution for them. Many slow pitch players aren’t able to do that and need to use the balanced type that will offer them the maximum performance. Know your exact conditions to choose the right bat.

The grip bat

The grip materials often come in the synthetic leather or only leather. In some cases, grips come with the cushion to reduce shock. Grip options tend not to be a main feature in the bat choice, especially because if you don’t like a grip, you can change it with another.

Playing softball is a great activity, enjoyed by male and female, young and old, people who can run and some who can’t, people of excellent skills and some who can’t sure of holding a bat. You always can join a team in the local area. Just show your skills and experience, enjoy the game, and bring a good bat.

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