Golf Rangefinder – An Overview Of Laser And GPS

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In recent years, golf has become increasingly popular. One reason for this is certainly the challenge, which has to be mastered over and over again. Not only do you have to choose the right golf club depending on the distance and the ground, but you also have to get the ball into the hole. A distance meter is the ideal companion for this sport. Measure the distance from the tee to the hole and serve as an orientation aid.

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The different types of golf rangefinders

There are basically three types of measuring instruments for golf:

GPS clock

GPS distance meter

Laser distance meter

Of course there are now also apps for Android and iOS. However, in practice these cannot provide as accurate measurements as the distance meters. The distance meters are about the size of a smart phone and are easy to use. Here you can measure the distance to the Golf loch as a golfer and display the distances to the center and to the front and back edge of the green.

The GPS golf clock

If you want to easily and quickly measure the distance to the green, then the GPS clock is the right choice. Advantageous is the simple operation and the fast provision of the data. A game delay is also avoided because the measurement is already on the way to your ball.

The laser distance meter

Use the golf range finder to fix the desired target and display the distance. Thanks to the simple operation and the high measuring accuracy, this measuring method is very popular among golfers. The advantage of this measurement method is that you can also measure other distances. These include, for example, the distances to an obstacle. Even if the measurement takes a bit longer than a golf clock or a GPS distance meter, the measurement is all the more reliable.

For whom is a laser distance meter suitable?

Whether you’re a hobby golfer or a professional, a laser rangefinder can be used by everyone. A wide selection of different models can be found by the way at Golf House. In training and also at a tournament a distance meter is a good support. If you just want to play golf for fun, you can also get a distance meter with wind and altimeter. The advantage is particularly noticeable when you are playing at a foreign golf course. With a distance meter without wind and altimeter, you also have to count on any problems with tournaments. Since the devices measure only the distance, they are allowed and can also be used in large tournaments.

What does the golf club say to a distance meter?

The distance meters were allowed by the golf club and may also be used in tournaments. This decision is valid until further notice. As mentioned above, however, only devices that only display the distance are allowed. Heights or wind knives are still prohibited, so you must rely on your eyesight.


Whether you opt for a GPS or laser rangefinder, it will help you with your game, and it’s a great help, especially in unknown places. Since the use of the golf club was now also allowed on tournaments, this is certainly a good investment for any hobby or professional golfer.

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