Mekong Delta Homstay in 3 days

This is a 3 day bicycle and boat tour that offers travelers and visitors a first hand experience of living in the Mekong Delta. This is the perfect way to be with the locals and get to know more about the cultures, heritage and tradition of Vietnamese while living the simple life. It is one way to enjoy nature and get away from busy modern life. Here you will get to know how locals make their living in this mighty river. You will get to witness how they fish, set traps, how they plow the rice fields, attend to their farms or you can even see how to cook their local dishes in your homestay tenant and more.

Summary of things to do:

1st Day: Cai Be floating Market. This is a 2 hour travel from at Ho Chi Minh City going to Tien Giang

  • Upon arrival you will be embarking on a trip by riding a motorized boat to Cai Be Floating Market. Floating markets is quite famous in Vietnam cause you will see lots of people on boat bring their products such as fruits, vegetables and crops to trade and bargain with sellers.
  • You will see here that there are more than hundred boats that converge with many poles hanging with their products that will tell you what items they are selling
  • They not only sell fruits, vegetables and crops, you will also see some people selling noodles, gasoline, beers etc
  • This trip will take you to Van Cai River, here you will see local folks carry on with their livelihoods. Like you can see fishermen catching fishes using their nets or may set traps to capture shrimps.
  • By lunch, you will get to eat a delicious meal at a local house recommended by your tour guide.
  • Afternoon, is the time you can get to try fishing yourself. You can ask the fishermen to teach you how to catch shrimp or fishes.
  • Help your host prepare dinner and may even watch them cook for you.
  • While having dinner you will be entertained with folk songs.
  • You will then sleep at a homestay lodge

2nd day: Live just like the locals

  • Just after breakfast, you can then take a bicycle ride going to Cho Chom Hom which is a local market. This place is just like any other flea market where you will see people trading goods and buying products.
  • Afterwards, you will need to return to the home stay to help in farming with the locals where you can get to know more about the people
  • Lunch will be prepared in the home stay
  • Afternoon, you will be able to dress up in the traditional clothes of Vietnamese then catch some fishes.
  • Before dinner you will then help prepare the food for dinner
  • After dinner you will enjoy clean air by taking a nap or just simply relaxing in a hammock near the river banks.
  • Sleep again at the home stay lodge

3rd day: Cati Mon Orchard and Cai Be Floating Market

  • This is about a 2 hour bus travel from Saigon. Majority thinks this is the most interesting and hyped place to be in Mekong Delta.
  • This is the perfect way for tourist to learn more about the locals and interact with them.
  • You will witness farmers hunt for their food and living
  • After having lunch in one of the house of the local you will then may take a bike ride to an orchard called the Cai Mon Orchard Garden in the province of Ben Tre. This place is best known to a haven of fruits.
  • You can also see lots of fighting cocks that locals use for gambling
  • Later on you can take a trip to one of the oldest churches in this plae called the Cai Mon church.
  • You can then head to your last stop at Vinh Bac to see many saplings and plants before you head back to Ho Chi Minh city.

What is included in this package of Mekong Delta tour homestay in 3 days?

  • Entrance fee
  • Transportation and transfer
  • Meals
    • 2 breakfasts
    • 3 lunches
    • 2 dinners
  • Tour guide (English speaking)
  • Room (2 twin accommodation) 2 person per room
  • Mineral water bottle
  • Inclusive hotel pick up & drop off

About the Author:

Rex Lester, a traveler and writer for Asian journals and online sites. Loves to travel and posts lots of Asian cuisines on his twitter and Instagram account.

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